Friday, October 16, 2015


A UK based "X" team that was created and almost always written by Brits. Well, here's your chance to see what comic legend Warren Ellis did with the team. PS this is a must-own for all Kitty Pryde fans. -- Both volumes are just $10.
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Tuesday, October 6, 2015


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn't been affected in some way by this cancer (with more than 1.5 million cases diagnosed each year).

Cancer is a daunting problem that leaves its victims and their loved ones feeling helpless. Sometimes sharing a funny story or being the shoulder for support is the only help that you can give.

Jennifer Hayden's graphic novel THE STORY OF MY TITS is a funny, relateable and very honest memoir that will have readers smiling, nodding, and perhaps even crying.
"Heartbreaking and riveting, Jennifer Hayden's caustic, sarcastic wit streams through her quirky drawings, unfolding a survivor's tale and so much more. The Story of My Tits takes us from her flat-chested adolescence to small-boobed acceptance, then loss - until the dramatic reconstruction of Jennifer herself." —Marisa Acocella Marchetto, author of Cancer Vixen and Ann Tenna  
"[Hayden's] honesty is blistering: every panel is a densely inked peek into the gory details of womanhood, from breastfeeding to breast cancer... Her knack for dreamlike imagery is a delightful counterpoint to this frankness... It is this combination of surrealism and an unflinching commitment to candor that elevates this memoir beyond simple confessional into something truly moving." — Publishers Weekly (starred review)  
"There’s a theme that runs through her beautifully intimate graphic memoir that we can all relate to... Hayden recounts the story of her life by telling us the story of her breasts, as a way to explore body image, relationships, and cancer." — Marie Claire 
“The pacing of her storytelling is seamless... Hayden’s memoir will resonate with anyone who has suffered loss and gone on to tell the tale.” — Booklist 
"Fabulous... for a story that cancer twines through, it is delightfully hilarious. Hayden has a gift." — Foreword Reviews 
When Jennifer Hayden was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 43, she realized that her tits told a story. Across a lifetime, they’d held so many meanings: hope and fear, pride and embarrassment, life and death. And then they were gone.

Now, their story has become a way of understanding her story: a journey from the innocence of youth to the chaos of adulthood, through her mother’s mastectomy, her father’s mistress, her husband’s music, and the endlessly evolving definition of family.

As cancer strikes three different lives, some relationships crumble while others emerge even stronger, and this sarcastic child of the ‘70s finally finds a goddess she can believe in.

For everyone who’s faced cancer personally, or watched a loved one fight that battle, Hayden’s story is a much-needed breath of fresh air, an irresistible blend of sweetness and skepticism. Rich with both symbolism & humor, The Story of My Tits will leave you laughing, weeping, and feeling grateful for every day. -- a 352-page softcover graphic novel with French flaps (B&W Interiors), 8” x 8”